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AshlynL.Yiling's Journal.

Alright people!!! I've moved!


Take note!!!! (:

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Waking up in the morning, body aching, drained. First thing on my mind was wanting to see you badly. But i guess not today ba. Got to wait till tmr i guess. Never did i knew that the speed i recover was so slow. Still feeling a little moody but i don't know why.

Heart to heart talks yesterday night with dear was great. Even though words could be a little hurt at times. But then again, facts always hurts, doesn't it?

Sometimes, i feel the distant between us. But i guess problem lies with me.
I haven't done enough, or should i say nothing? Which leads you doubting my love for you at times.
Because i don't know how to express myself, this occurs.
Because i don't know how to deliver the correct msg to you when i do things, this occurs.
Then things happen. Mistakes made, & i'm learning to express myself.

I have to change this. I need to speak up. I guess this has always been my problem in relationships.
For this, i will change, for the better. I want to work things out, i want to be the one playing a big part in your life.
For i know, I don't want to lose you. Just the thought of losing you, my heart hurts & tears filled the corner of my eyes. I wouldn't dare to imagine what would happen if it really happen.

Still, back to the 5 words. Action speaks louder than word.
Time will determine the change in me & us, for the better or for the worst.

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Moodless for anything now. Damn it.
I have a lot to say. But i don't know how to put it in words.

I want to see you badly. I want hug from you. Just want to be in your embrace, nothing else.

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Every that time of the month never fails to get me into trouble! DAMN IT!

Sometimes, i think i'm selfish. Am i?

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Right now, i'm bored to death! Its friday night! But it feels as though it was some normal weekday. Its bored to stay at home!
Especially when dear is not around now.

Went home straight after work just now. Stomach wasn't feeling too good. So didn't want to stay at Seah Im.

Didn't know what to post for now. Cause i came here for the sake of updating & to kill my boredom only. Nothing much happened recently.
Everything was good. & i haven't got the chance to drive on road after i've passed. Haha. Abit itching to drive this few days.

Been thinking if i should change to other blog website. Back to blogspot? Finds it abit boring already. I still love Livejournal. Cause i can post up private post. When i want to rant things out but don't want to let people know about it, this is only place for me to rant everything & no one will knows about it. But the only negative thing about Livejournal is that the theme for it is very limited. & i didn't know how to design my own. Thats one bad point about Livejournal. So... Should i or should i not change? hmmm...

Alright, shall stop here now. Nothing to update about already.

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& yes, one of my wish has been fulfilled! That is to pass my TP! Yes, i've passed yesterday!! (:

After test, went back home & wait for deardear to come. Cause dear knows i've nothing to eat at home, so he came down to accompany me for dinner after his whole day of work. Thank you dear (:
Went to East Coast Park to eat. Food there was so-so only. Walked around & then i feel like playing pool, like again! Haha.

The one at East Coast Park one like not nice to play. So we went to Amk to play. Wait for Zhengyi to come & play too.
Play until 12plus. As we walked out, we saw this weighing machine. Haha. So decided to weigh. Gosh! Weight shall not be revealed. Lol.
& we plan to go back & weigh one month later! Hahaha.
Dear send me back home after that.
I feel so blissful ;D

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OMG!!!! Look at the date now! Its 1st of February 2010 already. One month just pass like that. Thats so fast la. 
& approximately 15 more hours to go before going for my test. Time pass really really fast. Still remember when i went to book for my test, that was like November. & i was still thinking that there is still a longgggggg way to go. But now!!! The day finally come!
Was kinda worried that i'll not pass. Though so many people, especially Dear ask me not to worry. & all encourage me that i'll pass, definately will have good news for them. Thank you people, appreciate it. (:

Was a little annoyed just now. Don't know what happen to me. Probably because i'm tired, my cough & sore throat. & for the whole day i only had maggie. The best part is there's nothing to eat at home! Dear got to know that & even wanted to buy food for me. But that was a little crazy. Drive all the way from Jurong to Serangoon North just to get me food, its too tiring & i know dear is tired le. But still, thank you dear for everything. Cheering me up when i feel sucky! (: I love you!

Was blog-hopping & saw Amanda post this. I think its quite interesting.

Meaning of Number of Roses:
1 Rose - love at the first sight; you are the one.
2 Roses - Mutual love between both, deeply in love with one another.
3 Roses - I love you.
6 Roses - I wanna be yours.
7 Roses - I'm infatuated with you.
9 Roses - An Eternal love, together as long as we live.
10 Roses - You are perfect.
11 Roses - You are my treasured one; the one I love most in my life.
12 Roses - Be my steady.
13 Roses - Secret Admirer
15 Roses - I am truly sorry, please forgive me.
20 Roses - Believe me, I am sincere towards you.
21 Roses - I am devoted to you.
24 Roses - Can't stop thinking about you, 24 hours everyday

Come to think of it, Valentine's day is coming! 14 more days. Same goes to CNY! Both falls on the same day. How awesome.
Sometimes, time pass so fast that its so scary.
Alright, Till here then.
Wish me luck!!!!!! 

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Its been awhile since i last updated. Always wanted to update but then i'm just too lazy & tired to do so. =x

On the 27th January 2010, its dear & me's one month anniversary. Went to his house in the morning & wait for him to prepare.
Went to Jurong Point to watch movie, Tooth Fairy. Very funny movie. It was good. Had a good laugh. (:
After movie, his mom called to go back for dinner. So went back to have dinner with them. After eating, drove down to Habourfront & went to Sentosa for Songs of the Sea, 2nd show. Saw Melinda upon reaching gate 3. Been so long since i last saw her!! (:
You guys must be thinking why go back to my workplace & watch the show again when i watched it everytime i work? Not sian meh?
Haha. Cause i've always wanted to watch it with the one i love ever since i first watched it when i was having my orientation ( That was like one year plus ago! ) I've told dear about it & he wants to fulfill this. Thank you dear! Even though you're so tired but you still wants to fulfil this on this day (: & i promise, you're the last one i'm gonna bring to this place.
After watching the show, walked to Palawan beach. Spent the time there until 11plus. Slowly walk back to Beach Station & wait for the bus. Waited for half an hour & no bus came. Was feeling weird & both of us were kinda tired already. Saw a few people walked off. & we went to checked the timing for the bus. Habourfront bus went back to normal operation. No longer until 12MN. Only Friday, Saturday, Sunday & PH until 12MN. & Express operation time went back to 12MN now. we was like fool waiting for so long la. Haha.
Went Vivo then was thinking what to eat. End up, we went to East Coast to have Carls Jr. Back home after that.

28th Jan 2010, went to work. Didn't plan to meet Dear after work. But somehow, Dear always knows what i'm thinking. He knows i want to see him badly. Haha. So he came to fetch me after work. Hand abit itchy. So we went to play pool at West Coast. Walked to find things to eat after that. Then went back home.

29th Jan 2010. ( Will be in point form. Kinda lazy =x )
  • Supposed to work. But found replacememnt for work. Thank you Ibrahim.
  • Meet up with Marissa. As she wants to chill.
  • Amk Kpool with her.
  • Walk around Amk hub & she got herself a sandal.
  • Went seperate ways. I bused to Bukit Timah to meet up with Dear.
  • Met up with dear & went for billard with Edmund & Zhengwei.
  • Played for 5hours!
  • Went back home with Dear as he drove out his uncle's car.
  • Went to buy food for Zhengyi & his sis.
  • Drove up to Jurong Birdpark there.
  • Had our meals & then went back home.
Thats all for the updates. Shall go prepare soon. Gonna go over to dear's house later.

2 more days! Pray hard that i'll pass!!!

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Alright, i know i haven't been updating my blog. Its getting more & more boring ( I mean my blog! ) Haha. Lesser & lesser people are coming to my blog. But its alright. Cause i don't really mind. As this is the place where i can pour everything out, no matter it is happy or unhappy. ( Other than pouring out everything to dear )  So, whether theres people who come & view or not, it doesn't really matter much. (:

Mmms... I can't remember much what i've done recently. Only remember that i spent most of my time with dear. If not, work. Haha.
Supposed to be working yesterday. But i have no idea why the date has been taken off. Lucky i checked the roster. If not, i'll be wasting time travelling down to the island.

So, went to meet dear at his house area there. Had our dinner & went back to his house. Watched 海派甜心 ep 11 & 12. But halfway while watching ep 12, i start to feel hungry. ( By then it was already 10pm.) So, we went down to buy food from Pasar Malam. Went back to eat & then awhile later went out to meet his friend, Kelvin. Wanted to play pool. So we went to fetch Zhengyi & then went to West Coast to play. 3 of us reach first. We went to open table & play first. His friend, Kelvin called & say he doesn't want to come already. So end up only the 3 of us play. Until about 1plus hittin 2am then we leave. Was kinda tired already. Send Zhengyi back then head back to Dear's house to sleep.

Morning wake up, went to bath & everything. Then head out together with dear. He went to work while i go straight to work from his house.
Was kinda early when i reach Habourfront. So went to shop around. Its been real long since i last shopped! Haha.

Work was a little busy then the usual Sunday but everything was smooth & crazy with those crazy people working. Still, had fun working even though i'm tired. (:

& then again, its time for me to trim my eyebrow!!! Hopefully this time i'm not so lazy that i'll drag for months before i get it done!
Ok, i'll get it done before New Year!

Time pass so fast. Month of Jan is like ending soon! Feb is coming & this means Chinese new year is coming!

Also, its our one month anniversary in 2 days time. (:

Alright, i guess i'll update till here then. Waiting for dear to come back from cycling & chilling with Zhengyi.
Time checked: 2.22AM, 25th January 2010!

I love it when we have heart to heart talks before we sleep. No matter things we said is nice or not nice, even though i might say nothing & its you who says everything, i love it.
I love it when you tell me ''Don't worry, don't be scared. Nothing's gonna happen to us.'' It just make me feels secure.
I love it when i open my eyes & the first person i see is you.
I love it when i look at the way you sleep. Haha. Its cute (:
I love it when you're by my side. I just feel so safe.
All the moments with you, makes me wish that the time would stop, just for us ;D


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Day out with dear. Finally we can go out one full day like normal couple. Hahaha. Cause usually we only gets to meet up at night & spend time together at night. As he works in the day, finish in the evening. While i start my work in the evening & ends at night.
So we could only meet up after my work & dear would come & fetch me.

Woke up at 9plus to prepare to go out. Decides to buy breakfast for him. & was thinking what to get for him. Wanted to get Macdonald but its like eating that all the time. & i thought of Long John Silver. Went over to Bishan to get it & trained over to Dear's place to find him.
When i reach there, he just woke up. Watched show on his lappy & then halfway he went to get prepare.

Went out at about 2plus gg to 3pm. Wanted to go for pool. First time take bus with dear. Haha. Cause usually he'll drive. Reach there then i change the plan. Play at night instead. So we trained over to Dhoby to shop for Dear's clothes. Went to G2000. & he got himself 2 tops.
Walked to Orchard Central, we went in & end up taking pictures there. Haha.

Then we trained to Amk to meet up with Eugene. Had Pepper Lunch for dinner & then Eugene came. After eating, went to Kpool.
Until about 9plus, dear send me back home.
Had a great day even though its simple.

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